Posted on Nov 21, 2018

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First 20 mins free coaching then 20 % off for Dec

Nov 26, 2018 – Dec 19, 2018
Coaching is a way of life and it is part of my way of life alongside my commitment to yoga , healthy eating , meditation and reflection .
The core of how I work is to coach either on a one to one basis or on a group basis so it is a natural step to now be able to offer this Sole and Beauty, a renowned centre for holistic, inner and outer beauty and healthy feet .
For me coaching means supporting my clients to realise their true potential and therefore the unique success that is their right.
Of all of the techniques that I have learnt over the years (and they are many!) I have found nothing to compare with NLP as a basis for coaching. I love NLP for this because with NLP we can give the ownership of the learning and the change to the person being coached. And at the same time the NLP based approach relies on the coach engaging fully and personally with this process. In other words the coach has to be learning as much and more than the subject for the coaching process to make a difference.
So you want some inspiration, coaching to realise your dreams, a kick up the back side, a provocative nudge to interrupt any bad habits, someone to listen non-judgmentally to you or even judgmentally? Well if you want any of those or more you can book me for a one on one session.

You may just want or need one session or you might want to book a series. We can decide that at the time of talking.
Clinic Appointments. Monday - Wednesday 8am. - 8pm

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Terms and Conditions
First appointments in clinic for 20 minutes are free during offer periods . Quote reference . Each standard session lasts approximately 50 to 60 minutes and each Express. session lasts 20, or 40 minutes as booked and current fees are as per the website  Fees are subject to change at any time. 1.2.  All session fees are payable in advance as only full payment secures the booking. 1.3.  Additional fees may be payable for sessions provided outside of agreed times, geographical areas or timescales. Any additional fees will be advised in writing prior to the acceptance of any booking. 1.4.  Payment methods accepted are: Bank Transfer or PayPal. Bank details are available on request. Further details are once website or in an accessible booklet in clinic
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